This is an example of the sort of furniture finish we can produce, and how second hand pieces of furniture can be easily refreshed to suit contemporary tastes and decor.

We picked up this coffee table for free off Gumtree. Its table surface had been much abused by a child with a blue biro. As the surface was only an oak veneer it required quite careful sanding to remove the biro marks without wearing through to the MDF beneath. The table top was then finished with several coats of Ronseal Satin Light Oak Varnish.

The legs and framework were painted in Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone No 275 and then waxed with Liberon Neutral Wax Polish Black Bison. A piece of the framework had broken in storage so it had to be reinforced by gluing/screwing a piece of plywood on the reverse, and filling the crack in the front before painting/waxing.