This is an example of the sort of finish we can produce, and how second hand pieces of furniture and room accessories can be easily refreshed to suit contemporary tastes and decor.

This table shown on the left, is one of two side tables that we bought for £5 each from the British Heart Foundation shop.

One had a dark varnish, the other a light varnish.

We wanted to make both tables identical in tone, with a dark varnish finish that would match the rest of our furniture.

I took the top off from its leg supports.

With both tables their was some remedial work required either on the table surface or the leg supports.

The varnished veneer of the table surface sanded off very easily.

I then re-varnished with 4 coats of Ronseal Satin Walnut Varnish, finishing off with 1 coat of Ronseal Clear Satin Varnish.

The edges and underside I painted in Blackfriar’s Matt Black Paint, which is the hardiest, blackest, mattest paint there is.

Its touch dry in half an hour, but hard dry after 16 hours, so you have to be patient, this paint will not be hurried.

The folding legs proved much easier to sand down than I initially thought.

I decided not to re-varnish the whole thing, because the quality of the wood in the legs structure was poor.

So I only varnished the outer facing edges with Ronseal Satin Walnut Varnish, and used Blackfriar’s Matt Black Paint on all the interior structure.

This maintained an aesthetic link with the table surface, whilst also creating a more uniform appearance to the rest.